Conversation with Rami Ismail (Founder of Vlambeer Studio)

In last few years, the name Rami Ismail has been a familiar name around different indie games. The Vlambeer studio which is established by Rami Ismail has gained lots of experience in making different games and eventually made Nuclear Throne and Luftrausers which were some successful games. Rami Ismail himself has had a lot of speeches since last few years and he is trying to help indie game developers all around the world.

Conversation with Chris Avellone (Dying Light 2 Narrative Designer)

We all know Chris Avellone, the man behind great games like Fallout, Baldur's Gate, Wasteland, Divinity series and many other memorable games.

Conversation with Raphael Colantonio (Founder of Arkane Studios)

Raphael Colantonio is one of the pioneers of the video game industry, he founded Arkane Studios back in 1999 and designed amazing games like Dishonored, Arx Fatalis, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and many other great games. In our new conversation, we decided to speak with him about his career, life outside video game industry and leading a huge company.

Conversation with Erik Kraber (Titanfall 2 Audio Director)

This episode of Gameology Conversations is all about sound. Titanfall 2 is a remarkable achievement in sound. So we decided to know more about it by talking with one of the greatest sound designers of the industry, Erik Kraber, EA Games Audio Director.

Conversation with Patrice Desilets (Creator of Assassin's Creed)

In our latest Gameology Conversation we had Patrice Desilets as our guest, creative director of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time , Assassin's Creed and soon to be released Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey in this conversation we talk about Patrice's life, his games and the history.

Conversation with Karol Zajaczkowski

Recently I had an interview with Karol Zajaczkowski, PR and Marketing Manager at 11 Bit Studios, the creator of This War of Mine . We talk and study Poland game industry and analyse it's revolution, evolution and the future of this talented country.

Conversation with Ken Levine (Creator of BioShock)

Ken Levine is one of the greatest and most famous writers and game designers in video game industry. His BioShock series deal with a lot of political subjects and he has interesting opinions about his surroundings. Recently I have had a conversation with him and we have talked about many interesting subjects.

Conversation with Linnea Harrison (World-Builder)

How cool would it be to know the process of world-building of those amazing maps in Battlefield series? To know the answer, here we have an expert, the amazing, talented and awesome Linnea Harrison from DICE. In this podcast we talk about world-building, environment design, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Mirror’s Edge and lots of other cool stuff.

Conversation with Chad Chatterton

The world of The Division is a significant place to wander. It’s merciless, wild, cold but yet it have little lights of hope in it. This amazing world was created by Chad Chatterton, lead environment artist at Massive. We had a chance to interview him about his career, the way they work at Massive and of course, The Division.

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